Communicating with Your Customers
Having a mix of communication tools like the ones listed above helps you reach as many people as possible within your audience. Different customers have different preferred ways of gathering information. It also allows you to gain more visibility by having a variety of tools to use for your business, potentially reaching a larger audience than even intended.

Overall, the process of getting information to your consumers has not changed, but the importance of it has. You still want to understand the audience, share a clear message, and make it accessible. Ensuring that you’re not sharing old information is critical. If you have posts from events that happened months ago, but no new information on what you are doing to help protect the community since, people may get the wrong idea and things could go one of two ways: they may engage or they will view the content negatively, by assuming that you don’t care.

If you have services offered on your website that are no longer offered due to the pandemic, it could harm your operations and push potential clients away. As a business owner, clear communication will be the key to your success. Making sure the information you are putting out there is relevant and trustworthy will assist in engaging with your community and becoming credible during a crisis.