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4 Ways to Combat the Loneliness of Leadership –

May 9, 2014

Like many entrepreneurs, I spend my day surrounded by people; the last thing I expect is to feel alone. However, like many founders of businesses, I am solely responsible for the company’s ultimate fate and direction. As much as it is empowering,  it can feel lonely as I make decisions that may impact the livelihood of my employees.

As I grow my business, the decisions become bigger (and the impacts more material), mistakes become costlier and unintended consequences multiply. It becomes easy to question whether the decisions I’m making in isolation are really the best for the company.

But I’m not alone. In my journey of expansion over the past five years, I have spoken to many entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, and I’ve found “loneliness at the top” is a common theme among all of us. From the CEO of a multinational corporation to the single-person consulting startup, each of us has experienced the solitude of leadership. It’s not a pleasant feeling.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to improve the situation. Here’s some ways to combat the isolation of entrepreneurship.

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