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Abby McLeod is the Next Generation of Gen7 Fuel

Press Release

Abby Mcleod is both part-owner of Gen7 Fuel Jocko Point and our Community Relations Manager. She is the first of the next generation of owners at Gen7 Fuel, working to carry on the legacy of her father, Mat McLeod. Abby is integral to facilitating Gen7 Fuel’s community initiatives, spearheading our mission to a better future for the next seven generations.

Upholding a Family Legacy

For as long as she can remember, Abby has been involved in her family businesses and charitable events within her community. Most of her time was spent at Jocko Point Fish and Chips and now their Gen7 Fuel gas station.

The McLeod family consists of artists, entrepreneurs, language keepers, and even a Chief. As an Anishinaabe and Franco-Ontarian woman, Abby is extremely proud of her heritage.

“Honouring my culture is to honour my family and my ancestors. Being Anishinaabe and Franco-Ontarian, my ancestors have had to fight to keep their culture alive. So to be able to learn it and celebrate it today is so important to me”, said Abby.

As Gen7 Fuel’s Community Relations Manager, Abby had the opportunity to work on the giveback project for the Little Native Hockey League (LNHL) last year. Having attended the tournament many times throughout her life, it was a full circle moment for Abby facilitating sponsorship of the tournament that her father and grandfather once played in.

“It’s always been a fond memory of mine growing up. Although I never played hockey, my dad would always bring me to watch the tournament and it was so special to see so many communities come together and play”.

The Next Generation of Gen7 Fuel Owners

Abby has been running the Jocko Point Gen7 Fuel station with her father since it first opened. She loves meeting new people, at the gas station she can share stories with travelers from all over. Abby loves that her customers have shown her that you are never too old or young to have an adventure and learn something new.

For Abby, she takes the traditional teachings of her ancestors, and the practical teachings from the entrepreneurs around her to guide her daily.

“One of my favourite words in anishinaabemowin is “mino-bimaadiziwin” which means “the good life”. To me, it’s something that I challenge myself to do every day, to lead a good life. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what that means to me and how I can embody mino-bimaadiziwin”, said Abby.

Abby is responsible for the creation of Gen7 Fuel’s 7 Pillar Principles, which are at the heart of everything we do, and everyone we partner with. We use this principle as a guide in our mission to create a better future for the next seven generations.

Indigenous Heritage Month

Indigenous Heritage Month is a time for Abby and her people to celebrate not only the Anishinaabe culture, but all Indigenous cultures around the world. To her, it is important to not only celebrate, but to take the time to learn the history and hardships that most Indigenous Nations have had to overcome to exist today.

The most important takeaway: reconciliation. There is no easy answer to how to be an ally to the Indigenous community, but to Abby it’s about educating yourself on the cultures, histories, and current issues Indigenous Nations face. Standing in solidarity is powerful and will set us all down the path of reaching mino-bimaadiziwin.



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