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BC follies time again… those folks over there are sure creative – Brooks Bulletin

May 29, 2024

Every time I think BC can’t possibly come up with even more quirky schemes, inane legislation, nutcase politics and just plain silliness, folks over there raise the bar to new heights of absurdity. I cite these gems of merriment, at least for us outside observers.
Supernatural Beings must now be consulted for BC mining licenses.
A recent ruling by the BC Supreme Court requires those staking mining claims must consult with Indigenous Chiefs to ascertain the presence of spirits near their claims. Apparently, the actual location of spirit dens and houses is a guarded secret known only to hereditary chiefs. I expect only those chiefs can communicate with the spirits. That’s rather convenient for them as one suspects it will take a considerable incentive for them to get permission from the spirits. A similar protect-the-spirits quasi-legal situation occurred on land to be developed for a ski resort near Invermere. However, after decades of spending hundreds of millions on environmental permits and studies, the exasperated developers threw in the towel over demands that permission be obtained from Indigenous spirit intermediaries. I suspect securing permission from gods and spirits is difficult and expensive in this earthly dimension.

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