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Foran Announces Results of Annual and Special Meeting

Press Release

Vancouver, BC (May 9, 2024) Foran Mining Corporation (TSX: FOM) (OTCQX: FMCXF) (“Foran” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the voting results from the Company’s annual and special meeting of shareholders of the Company held on May 9th, 2024 (the “Meeting”).

A total of 171,528,263 common shares of the Company were represented at the Meeting, representing 56.2% of the Company’s outstanding common shares as at the record date of March 25, 2024. Shareholders voted in favour of all matters brought before them at the Meeting, which matters are discussed in detail in the Company’s Management Information Circular dated April 3, 2024 that is available on SEDAR+ at and the Company’s website at

The following voting results are based on the total number of votes that were cast at the Meeting:

Appointment of Auditors For Withheld Outcome
Appoint KPMG LLP, Auditors of the 170,937,397 (99.7%) 590,866 (0.3%) Carried
Company for the ensuing year and to
authorize  Directors  to  fix  their
Number of Directors For Against Outcome
Set the number of directors at seven 171,527,123 (100.0%) 1,140 (0.0%) Carried
Election of Directors For Withheld Outcome
Elect  the  following  nominees  as
directors of the Company
Maurice Tagami 170,372,617 (99.3%) 1,155,646 (0.7%) Carried
David Petroff 171,527,394 (100.0%) 869 (0.0%) Carried
Daniel Myerson 171,280,930 (99.9%) 247,333 (0.1%) Carried
Wayne Wouters 154,744,372 (90.2%) 16,783,891 (9.8%) Carried
Majd Bakar 170,228,127 (99.2%) 1,300,136 (0.8%) Carried
Jessica McDonald 170,230,168 (99.2%) 1,298,085 (0.8%) Carried
Nancy Guay 171,370,029 (99.9%) 158,234 (0.1%) Carried
Employee Share Purchase Plan For Against Outcome
Approve  the  Company’s  Employee 150,216,498 (87.6%) 21,311,765 (12.4%) Carried
Share Purchase Plan
Alteration to Articles For Against Outcome

Approve the alteration of the 149,596,384 (87.2%) 21,931,879 (12.8%) Carried Company’s Articles to remove the

provisions of Section 15 which permit

the appointment of alternate directors

A report on all items of business voted at the Meeting has been filed on SEDAR+ (



Jonathan French, CFA

Director, Investor Relations

409 Granville Street, Suite 904

Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6C 1T2





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