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How to succeed at B2B appointment setting

Author: Anup


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As much as one would like to succeed at B2B appointment setting, there are simply too many things that can go wrong. However, there are certain basic principles that, if applied properly in the right situation, can prove to be very beneficial.

The first step to get better results out of B2B appointment setting is to approach the executive assistance. Everyone knows that. But the hidden part is to know a little about them, like their name. One can also look up professional networking sites like LinkedIn to know a bit more about those people and what they do at the office. Being respectful but persistent and letting the other person control the process are other things to take care of. The second tip is to empathize with the other person. Saying phrases like ‘I know you have tons of mail on your desk, but last week I sent you an email regarding’ gets the other person on one’s team; and with definitive, close ended statements like ‘so shall we close this? I’ll send someone tomorrow/next week’ after a few correspondences, one can certainly get much better results. Obviously, it’s necessary to time such statements to perfection!

Another vital tip for B2B appointment setting is that the communication has to be immaculate, previse and impressive. Vendor communication is often all business talk. Putting in a bit of effort can prove to be the game changer in more ways than one, since when gatekeepers receive hundreds of mails every day, noticing the one that is even marginally better isn’t that difficult. Moving on, approaching executives directly, even if one has their direct contact details, isn’t the best idea in a majority of the cases. The only situation in which this might work is if the brand is very strong, or if the product or service being offered can rescue the company from a situation, or help them get exponential growth. But that’s very rarely the case, isn’t it?

Gatekeepers, on the other hand, want to help if one talks to them properly and treats them with respect.As far as B2B appointment setting is concerned, gatekeepers are often the most trusted guides and can provide quite a lot of significant inside information that helps in closing the deal faster. Developing a network of administrators and switchboards to identify the right executives would be the ideal situation, which might seem like a lot of work, but it’s essentially just about keeping track of all the activities and making the best use of the information.

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