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Indigenous protected areas: Transformative opportunities in bridging conservation, reconciliation – Law360 Canada

October 16, 2023

Canada’s vast landscapes, steeped in deep and rich histories, face a pivotal juncture. Driven by Canada’s ambition to achieve its “30 by 30” conservation goal, lies a transformative force: Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs). More than just a designation, IPCAs are emerging as a potent catalyst for change. A force for challenging traditional conservation narratives. Here, we embark upon a four-part series of articles that will unearth how IPCAs are fusing Indigenous knowledge with governance, challenging conservation narratives and presenting a new bridge to ecological sustainability and reconciliation.

Footprints of colonialism’s impacts, rise of IPCAs

Canada’s story is marred by settler colonialism and extractive capitalism. Few know this better than Indigenous nations and communities. These forces have threatened Indigenous sovereignty and disrupted the natural rhythm of their lands and waters. Yet, despite facing colonialism’s harmful impacts, Indigenous communities have maintained a strong and enduring connection to their territories, safeguarding invaluable ancestral environmental wisdom.

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