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New Directory of Indigenous Environmental Consulting and Services Firms- Canada

Press Release

CALGARY, Alberta, May 29, 2024– ECO Canada, a leading organization dedicated to advancing environmental careers and the environmental workforce, has released its latest research findings on Indigenous-led environmental firms in Canada. This comprehensive directory provides helpful insights into the landscape of Indigenous-led environmental initiatives.

“The consequences of climate change are unprecedented for our population, the environment, and our economy. By supporting research and reports like the one from ECO Canada, we are working together to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. These findings in the environmental sector will help us to address labour shortages and to achieve Canada’s goal of a net zero economy.” – Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Official Languages.

Indigenous-led environmental firms are at the forefront of blending Indigenous knowledge with contemporary environmental science, crafting innovative solutions for conservation, resource management, and sustainability challenges. This directory showcases the span of Indigenous-led firms in the environmental sector, highlighting their unique expertise, services, and contributions.

The Directory of Environmental Indigenous Consulting and Services firms- Canada, compiled by ECO Canada, lists a diverse range of services offered by Indigenous-led firms, as well as their impact on environmental conservation and sustainable development across Canada.

Directory insights:

  • Indigenous-led firms are playing a key role in integrating traditional knowledge with modern environmental science, resulting in solutions for complex environmental challenges.
  • These firms are actively involved in various sectors, including conservation, resource management, renewable energy, and environmental consulting, contributing significantly to the sustainability of natural resources.
  • The directory highlights the importance of recognizing and supporting Indigenous-led initiatives in environmental management, fostering partnerships that promote cultural sensitivity and environmental stewardship.

These insights are crucial for policymakers, industry leaders, and environmental professionals, offering actionable data and strategic guidance to support Indigenous-led environmental initiatives and foster sustainable development.

“Investing in Indigenous-led environmental firms is not only a recognition of Indigenous knowledge but also a strategic approach towards environmental sustainability and cultural preservation,” said Geni Peters, Director of Research at ECO Canada.

This research highlights ECO Canada’s ongoing commitment to supporting environmental professionals and fostering diversity and inclusion within the environmental workforce. For over 30 years, ECO Canada has been dedicated to championing the end-to-end career of environmental professionals, promoting responsible, sustainable economic growth, and ensuring environmental care and best practices are priorities.

For more information on Indigenous-led environmental firms in Canada and to access the full directory, visit: Indigenous Environmental Firm Directory – Canada | ECO Canada

This research was made possible with the funding and support of the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program.

“The opinions and interpretations in the publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.”

About ECO Canada:
ECO Canada is the steward of the Canadian environmental industry. From job creation and wage funding to training and labour market research – we champion the end-to-end career of an environmental professional. We aim to promote and drive responsible, sustainable economic growth within the industry while ensuring that environmental care and best practices are priorities. Over the past 30 years, we have forged academic partnerships, tools, and research to train and certify environmental job seekers and help fill the labour market.

We work alongside government, policymakers, academia, students, employers, professionals, industry, and international audiences to ensure we support Canada as a global leader in innovative workforce solutions and job creation. We remain the go-to source in the environmental labour market; our research provides unmatched statistics and analysis on the industry’s economic and labour trends that identify workforce gaps.

For more information, contact:
Aaron Wilson
VP, Marketing & Sales
ECO Canada



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