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NexGen Energy – An Open Letter to the Leaders of the G7

Press Release


Leaders of the G7,

You’ve promised a path to a secure nuclear future. We’re ready to go.

We applaud you in forming the Civil Nuclear Fuel Cooperation to undermine Russia’s grip on the global energy supply chain. We also recognize the challenge this presents as you strive to meet the ambitious climate goals set for your own countries and for the world.

That’s where we come in.

We are NexGen Energy, a new kind of uranium mining company. We believe nuclear power is the linchpin for both global energy security and a net-zero future–and that uranium mining can better support that future if it’s done in a more sustainable and secure way. We are in the final permitting approvals on our Rook I mine in Saskatchewan, Canada, which will be the largest source of low-cost, high-grade uranium globally, with the potential to provide carbon-free power for up to 46 million homes annually for decades.

To ensure this precious resource is used responsibly throughout its entire lifecycle, we are making the following public commitments. We will:

  • Only sell to nations who are allied for energy security and targeting net zero
  • Maintain a checklist of standards for all partners in the chain of custody of our uranium
  • Keep our supply chain and operations onshore in these nations to guarantee the highest levels of security, safety, labor standards and local community partnership
  • Advocate for policies that support sensibly produced uranium to set a new standard for the industry

We believe these commitments will make NexGen a supplier of choice for your nations, but we recognize our actions alone cannot close the demand gap. That’s why today, we are asking our peers to join us in our commitment to mine uranium in allied nations for allied nations. And for leaders to enshrine these standards in your countries’ policies surrounding nuclear energy.

Together, we can deliver energy security and achieve net zero.


Leigh R. Curyer
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NexGen Energy



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