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Northern Superior Makes New Gold Discovery at Croteau-Est 1.06g/t Au Over 26.3m 650m Ne and Parallel to Existing Cbsz* 43-101 Resource; Gold Grain Values (Up to 244 Grains) Define Multiple Highly Prospective Targets and Confirm Thesis of Large Gold Bearing System at Croteau-Est

Press Release

Sudbury, Ontario (July 19, 2022) Northern Superior Resources (“NorthernSuperior” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SUP; OCTQB: NSUPF) is pleased to announce that results from the Company’s winter core drilling and reverse circulation (RC) programs (see Northern Superior press releases, January 11, 2022) have led to a new gold discovery in a previously unexplored area of the property This discovery, coupled with the additional gold-bearing material derived from the recent 2021 -2022 RC and diamond drill programs, emphasizes the prospectivity of the area north of the CBSZ* 43-101 resource, further expanding the gold footprint of the CBSZ reported earlier (see Northern Superior press release, March 22, 2022) on the Company’s large (30 x 15kms) 100% owned Croteau Est property in Québec.

Core Drill Hole Highlights

  • New gold discovery in a previously unexplored area of the property. CRO22_120 intersected a broad interval of 1.06g/t Au over 26.3m including higher grade intervals of 1.928g/t Au over 11.0m and 4.98g/t Au over 3.00m (Figure 1; Table 1);
  • All 8 core drill holes (2,407.2m) from this winter’s drilling (Figure 1), intersected lithologies and alteration similar to the CBSZ, within the CNSZ area;
  • All 8 intersections were gold bearing, with 5 of those holes consisting of anomalous (≥100ppb) grades; and
  • Hole CRO22_120 also pierced the outer shell of Target Area 5 (Figure 1), defined by a number of RC holes that yielded anomalous gold grain values. Both holes CRO22-120 and CRO22-114 intersected mineralization and alteration very similar to the CBSZ.

RC Hole Highlights

  • Multiple, well-defined targets (7) defined from the distribution of anomalously high gold grain values (Table 2), highlighted by CRORC14_186 with 244 gold grains recovered, 172 pristine, indicating target close (<200m) to source.These targets are also defined by bedrock chips recovered from the RC programs that are:
    1. gold-bearing, such as Target 1 with bedrock chips that assayed 0.189 g/t Au (CBRC21_092); and
    2. characterized by sericite-carbonate alteration: same alteration associated with the CBSZ 43-101 resource.

Implication: Expansion of a Large Gold-bearing System

  • Significant expansion of the CBSZ gold-footprint area, which hosts a 640,000 oz at 1.7 g/t Au inferred resource, further east and southeast from the area previously defined in our results earlier this year (see Northern Superior press release, January 11, 2022). This was achieved, through shallow RC drilling targeting the bedrock, which documented a high-hit rate of intersecting all primary lithologies associated with the CBSZ and CNSZ.
  • Potential for a series of stacked gold bearing shear zones identified (south to north) (Figure 1; A-D)(see Northern Superior press release, March 22 2022), generally west to east striking:
    1. The CBSZ, hosting the NI 43-101 compliant, inferred resource of 640,000 oz gold at 1.7 g/t Au;
    2. The CNSZ, aligned roughly parallel to and north of the CBSZ, possibly converging with the CBSZ to the east;
    3. A third area, with gold-mineralized sericite-carbonate alteration north of both gold bearing CBSZ and Croteau North Shear Zones (CNSZ)(see Northern Superior press release, January 11, 2022); and
    4. A fourth area, hosting the original Croteau-Est showing with channel samples up to 4.83 g/t Au over 0.7 m (Figure 1, yellow star), together with geophysics, suggesting a fourth area of alteration north and roughly parallel to the CBSZ, CNSZ and the “third area”.

Figure 1. Location of 2022 core drill collars and traces, gold grain data, CBSZ area. Note the new gold discovery associated with CRO22_120, where a broad low-grade interval of 1.06g/t Au over 26.3m including higher grade intervals of 1.928g/t Au over 11.0m and 4.98g/t Au over 3.00m was intersected. Lithologies and geochemistry observed from both the core and RC drilling programs in addition to the distribution of anomalous values of gold grains expands our understanding of the robust potential size of the large gold- bearing system associated with the CBSZ (see text for details). Distance of CR022-120 from CBSZ is 650m (red dashed arrow).

Hole Number From To Length (m) Au g/t
CR022_113 278.00 279.50 1.50 0.59
CR022_114 246.50 247.00 0.50 0.51
260.00 279.25 19.25 0.40
CR022_115 214.10 215.10 1.00 1.30
CRO22_119 137.50 138.35 0.85 1.10
CRO22_120 181.00 182.00 1.00 4.16
191.00 192.00 1.00 0.70
194.00 198.00 4.00 0.37
204.00 230.30 26.30 1.06
Including 205.00 216.00 11.00 1.93
Including 206.00 209.00 3.00 4.98

Table 1. Highlighted gold assay values from the spring 2022 core drill program. Although these holes are highlighted, all 8 holes intersected gold within material consisting of lithologies and alteration similar to the CBSZ, within the CNSZ area. This is remarkable as the holes were planned on little geological information, executed in this area to take advantage of winter conditions to access an area inaccessible all other seasons due to wet ground conditions.

Target Sample Program Gold Grain Counts
No. No. Year Total Reshaped Modified Pristine
1 CBRC_21_092 2021 120 12 9 99
CBRC_21_093 55 9 3 43
2 CBRC_21_076 2021 38 5 10 23
3 CBRC_21_086 2021 27 5 9 13
CBRC_21_088 23 6 5 12
4 CBRC_21_065 2021 55 5 8 42
5 1132459 2021 33 3 1 29
CBRC_21_007 35 5 5 25
CBRC_21_057 44 2 0 42
CBRC_21_095 29 1 0 28
CBRC_22_190 2022 53 8 4 41
CBRC_22_191 28 3 12 13
CBRC_22_192 22 2 3 17
6 CRORC14_186 2014 244 12 60 172
7 CRORC14_107 2014 28 0 6 22

Table 2. The seven new gold targets identified in this table were defined by the distribution and anomalous concentration of gold grains-in-till from various RC and overburden sampling programs (Figure 1). The large number of pristine gold grains relative to modified and reshaped grains indicate relative proximity to source.

Dr. T.F. Morris, President and CEO states: “This new discovery hole coupled with the released results from the core and RC drill programs further substantiates that the system associated with the CBSZ 43-101 resource is much larger than previously understood. (see Northern Superior press release, March 22, 2022) In addition, several new promising and very exciting targets outside of the core 43-101 resource area have now been identified from the distribution and concentration of anomalously high gold grain values released today and in late 2021. We are currently in the process of integrating this gold grain data with bedrock geochemistry, lithology and alteration information recovered from the recent core drilling and RC programs. Information from the current bedrock mapping and prospecting programs will also be integrated into this data base. All this information will assist in further refining gold Exploration targets that the Company intends to core drill this fall: not only in the area of CBSZ but across the entire Croteau-Est property.”

“I would like to remind our readers once again, that the Croteau Est Property is a large one (30 x 15km) with a 640,000 oz 1.7g/t gold inferred resource on a very small portion of its land package which has been sparsely explored until recently. The work done so far in 2021 and 2022 is proving that the expansion of the CBSZ 43-101 resource areas and Croteau-Est land package is highly prospective for our shareholders.

Also bear in mind that Northern Superior has recently:

  1. made an exciting discovery (Falcon Gold Zone) of what we believe to be the extension of the Vanstar/ IAMGold 3.2M ounces at 1.02 g/t Au inferred category Nelligan gold deposit** on the Company’s large, 100% owned Lac Surprise property;
  2. has recently acquired the Genesis Metals 652,000 oz gold inferred category and 260,000 oz gold indicated category resource at Chevrier***.
  3. Both the Lac Surprise and Chevrier properties are large with additional opportunities for gold discoveries. This makes Northern Superior a premium and exciting explorer in the Chapais-Chibougamou gold camp. We look forward to sharing the results from all upcoming exploration programs across all three properties over the next several months.”

Current, Future Exploration Plans

  • Northern Superior has initiated a property-wide bedrock mapping and prospecting program, the purpose of which is to:
    1. Further test observations made from the various drill programs of stacked, gold-bearing shear zones within the area of the CBSZ;
    2. Expand the gold footprint associated with the CBSZ through testing for the eastward strike extension of the stacked, gold-bearing shear zones identified in the area of the CBSZ;
    3. Improve our understanding of the economic potential of gold showings previously discovered across the Croteau Est property (Figure 2); and
    4. explore several areas identified across the property as being highly prospective for gold mineralization (Figure 2).
  • Plan and execute a 2022 fall core drill program based on the compilation and interpretation of data derived from the various drill programs and current bedrock mapping and prospecting programs. Several core targets have already been established and include (Figure 1; Northern Superior press release March 22, 2022):
    1. Test an area of gold values up to 0.64 g/t over 10.9 m in surface channel samples within sericite-carbonate altered shear zones and anomalous Au, Ag and As RC bedrock chip geochemistry with four holes, v, vi, vii; and
    2. Test with two holes the proposed gold-bearing shear zone designated “C”, Figure 1, with two holes (x, xi); and
    3. Test with two holes the proposed gold-bearing shear zone hosting the Croteau Est showing, designated “D”, Figure 1.

CBSZ Summary: Evidence for High Grade Gold

Evidence for high grade gold material associated with the CBSZ comes from various sources (Table 3): bedrock grab samples (see Northern Superior press releases July 20, 2011, November 12, 2013), channel samples (see Northern Superior press releases, October 12, 2011, July 5, 2017) and core drilling (see Northern Superior press release November 13, 2017, January 10, 2018).

Figure 2. Croteau Est Target Areas. The CBSZ NI 43-101 compliant resource occurs at the intersection of the east to west oriented Croteau Bouchard Shear Zone and the northeast to southwest oriented Croteau Fault. There are at least 11 other such opportunities that occur on the Croteau Est property where east-west oriented shear zones are cross-cut by northeast to southwest faults. Gold showings at several of these intersections including Trench 101, Area # 5 and Croteau South emphasize this opportunity.

Evidence, High Grade Gold
Highlighted Bedrock Grab Samples
150g/t Au 52.8g/t Au 68.7g/t Au 58.8 g/t Au
Highlighted Channel Samples
92.7g/t Au over 1.0m incl. 12.8g/t Au over 7.8m
14.37g/t Au over 7.5m
8.49g/t Au over 5.7m
Highlighted Core Intersections
11.06g/t Au over 9.1m incl. 43.75g/t Au over 2.0m
61.24g/t Au over 5.95m incl. 705g/t Au over 0.5m
7.5g/t Au over 7.95m incl. 56.4g/t Au over 1.0m
1.99g/t Au over 34.65m incl. 9.46g/t Au over 2.35m

Table 3. Examples of various materials with high grade gold assays.

High grade gold mineralization associated with one of the high-grade shoots was proven to extend directly to surface by projecting the shoots to surface and exposing it. This shoot consisted of two zones of >10g/t Au, 2.5m (long) x 2.0 m (wide) and 2.0m (long) x 0.5m (wide), enclosed by a halo of >5g/t Au, 7.0m (long) x 2.5m (wide) in turn enclosed by a halo of gold mineralization of >3g/t Au over an area of 8.0m (long) x 3.0m (wide)(see Northern Superior press release, November 3, 2014).

* Reference for Northern Superior’s 640,000 ounce Inferred Gold Resource: “Drabble, Mark (B. App. Sci. (Geology), MAIG, MAusIMM); Glacken, Ian (BSc Hons (Geology), FAusIMM (CP), MIMMM, CEng; Kahan, Cervoj (B. App. Sci., MAIG, MAusIMM); Morgan, Rebecca (BSc Hons (Geology), GDip (Mining), MAIG, MAusIMM). October 12, 2015. Technical Report on the Croteau Est Gold Project, Québec September 2015, Mineral Resource Estimate.”

**Reference for IAMGOLD/Vanstar’s Nelligan 3.2MM Inferred Gold Resource: “Carrier, Alain (M.Sc., P.Geo); Nadeau-Benoit, Vincent (P.Geo); Fauvre, Stéphane (PhD., P.Geo). October 22, 2019. NI 43-101 Technical Report and Initial Resource Estimate for the Nelligan Project, Québec, Canada.”

*** Reference for Genesis Metals Mineral Resources Estimation: “Lomas, Susan (P.Geo); Lavoie, Jonathan (Eng., M.Sc.); Liboiron, André (Géo). March 10, 2022.NI 43-101 Technical Report Mineral Resource Estimation for the Chevrier Main Deposit, Chevrier Project, Chibougamau, Québec, Canada.”

Qualified Persons

Sarah Dean (P.Geo) and Michel Leblanc (P.Geo) are the Qualified Persons within the meaning of NI 43-101. Both Ms. Dean and Mr. Leblanc have reviewed and approved the information disclosed in this press release.

About Northern Superior Resources Inc.

The Croteau Est gold property is one of four key mineral properties 100% owned by Northern Superior. The Company’s other properties (TPK, Lac Surprise and Chevrier) also represent regional scale exploration opportunities, with the Chevrier Property hosting Inferred Resources of 652,000 oz Au and Indicated Resources of 260,000 oz Au (see Northern Superior Corporate Presentation,

Northern Superior is a reporting issuer in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Québec, and trades on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SUP, and the OTCQB Venture Market under the symbol NSUPF.

For Further Information
Please refer to Northern Superior news available on the Company’s website ( and on SEDAR ( or contact:

Thomas F. Morris PhD., P.Geo., FGAC , ICD.D
President and CEO
Tel: (705) 525 ‐0992 Fax: (705) 525 ‐7701



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