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PLATO Panel Talks: Indigenous Ownership and PLATO’s Mission in Tech – PLATO

In this PLATO Panel Talks, our host, Mike Hrycyk, brings together PLATO’s Founder and CEO, Keith McIntosh, and Ron Hyggen, CEO of ⁠Kitsaki Management LLP⁠ and board member of PLATO. Keith and Ron share with us how PLATO came to be and how, together with partners like Kitsaki, PLATO has been able to achieve its goal of Indigenous ownership. Keith and Ron talk to Mike about how Indigenous ownership helps PLATO and Kitsaki bring more opportunities for Indigenous people in the tech industry. Sharing their experiences with PLATO and Kitsaki, our panel also shows how a strong social mission and bringing more communities from across the country to the table brings expertise and opportunities they could’ve never imagined when they started.

Episode Transcript:

Mike Hrycyk (00:00):

Hello everyone. Welcome to another episode of PLATO Panel Talks. I’m your host, Mike Hrycyk, and today we’re going to talk about the ownership of PLATO and what that means and how it relates to our mission. We will be talking to our panel of experts, Keith [McIntosh] and Ron [Hyggen], and I think this is interesting to everyone because they are interested in our social mission and what we’re doing, and this is a really good, monumental change for our company and into the future. So let’s sit back and hear what we’re going to say. So I’m going to turn it over to you, Keith, to introduce yourself.

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