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Brenda Restoule of First Peoples Wellness Circle

Today we chat about the newly launched Soar Above Stigma campaign by First Peoples Wellness Circle, Thunderbird Partnership Foundation and First Nations Health Managers Association.

A campaign is driven by four key messages of Kindness, Compassion, Culture & Acceptance – “Healthier communities starts with us”

Purpose of the campaign:
One in three Indigenous people face mental wellness issues and many lack the support to help ease the issue. Soar Above Stigma aims to provide those suffering from addictions, mental health, or COVID-related matters a space to see that they are not alone in our communities while providing outreach support and stigma education for all Indigenous community members. By supporting our communities and looking towards traditional teachings and land based healing we hope to put an end to the stigma of talking openly about these issues.

About Stigma & the Campaign
Stigma is a word most of us are familiar with, yet stigma comes with a complex social process of labeling, stereotyping, devaluing, and discriminating against others. Health Organizations world wide have identified that Stigma is a leading concern amid Covid 19.

  • The Stigma of being Covid positive and fears around testing positive.
  • Stigma surrounding Mental health issues and it’s escalation during the Covid Pandemic (can’t get to work, depression, anxiety, mental illness, manic episodes).
  • The Stigma of addictions and drug use (or turning to drugs as a way of coping) during Covid 19

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