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The Call To Abandon ESG Is A Plea For Indigenous Prosperity – FCPP

May 8, 2024

If the activists behind ESG cared, they would not stand in the way of First Nation and Metis communities that wish to move from poverty to prosperity through energy projects.

Initially, the three criteria to measure or value investments – Environment, Social, and Governance – were uncontroversial.

“Environment” once referred to a company’s potential for pollution or future legal liabilities. It has since morphed to focus primarily on a company’s carbon dioxide emissions, irrespective of their actual effect on climate change. “Social” used to denote a company’s relationships with people but has now come to represent the company’s stance on issues, often determined by far-left activists. “Governance” originally described a company’s internal management practices; it now emphasizes the racial and gender diversity of the company’s board of directors.

In other words, ESG originated from the concept of corporate social responsibility and has evolved into ‘stakeholder capitalism,’ a framework where businesses shift their focus from profitability and shareholder value to politically divisive and ambiguous criteria.

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