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Thunder Bay CEDC Launches New Mining Service & Supply Directory, Unveiling 2024 Mining Readiness Strategy

Press Release

Thursday, May 23 – The Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) is excited to announce the release of its new Mining Service & Supply Directory, a pivotal component of wrapping up the 2020 Mining Readiness Strategy.

The Mining Service & Supply Directory is a comprehensive resource that connects mining companies with local suppliers and service providers in Northwestern Ontario. This directory is a valuable tool for businesses looking to leverage the region’s rich mining resources and capitalize on opportunities for collaboration and growth.

“The Thunder Bay CEDC remains committed to fostering a thriving and sustainable mining industry in Northwestern Ontario and looks forward to continued collaboration with industry partners and stakeholders to achieve this vision,” says Jamie Taylor, CEO of Thunder Bay CEDC, “As part of the conclusion of the 2020 Mining Readiness Strategy, the Thunder Bay CEDC recognizes the importance of fostering a robust ecosystem of support for the mining industry. The Mining Service & Supply Directory represents a tangible outcome of this strategy, providing a platform to showcase the region’s diverse range of services and supplies available to the mining sector.”

In conjunction with the Mining Service & Supply Directory update the CEDC has undertaken a series of strategic initiatives to bolster the mining sector and foster an environment conducive to sustainable growth. These initiatives include:

  • Enhanced Communications: Marketing strategies were developed and implemented to enhance communication about the opportunities in the mining sector. This was achieved by launching the “Join the Boom” marketing campaign and developing a new mining website.
  • Infrastructure Development: Engaging in discussions to develop infrastructure necessary to support mining operations in Northwestern Ontario, enhancing the region’s attractiveness to mining companies.
  • Partnerships with Educational Institutions: Collaborating with Confederation College and Lakehead University to develop programs and initiatives aimed at meeting the workforce needs of the mining sector.
  • Indigenous Business Inclusion: Continuing efforts to promote the inclusion of Indigenous businesses in the mining sector through the Indigenous Business Spotlight marketing campaign, promoting success stories to recognize their valuable contributions and developing a directory category for Indigenous led businesses.
  • Workforce Development: Deliver programs, like the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and hosting workforce community discussions to address workforce development challenges within the mining sector, ensuring a skilled and capable workforce to support industry growth.

With the launch of the Mining Supply and Service Directory, the CEDC is releasing the findings from the Mining Supply and Service Gap Analysis. We are pleased to share updates to job forecasting timelines, the evolving needs of the mining industry, and the gaps and opportunities within local service and supply. Through this document we can see the key variations from the 2020 Mining Readiness Strategy, providing a thorough examination of the sector’s landscape.

The CEDC will continue its efforts to support the growth of the mining sector while implementing recommendations from the Mining Service and Supply Gap Analysis by:

  • Enhancing Industry Partnerships: Collaborating with industry stakeholders like Mineconnect, to drive innovation, knowledge-sharing, and facilitate resource development in the mining sector.
  • Infrastructure Investment: Identifying and prioritizing infrastructure projects essential to supporting mining operations by participating in the NOMA Energy Task Force, formerly Common Voice Northwest and the Thunder Bay Mayor’s Housing Task Force.
  • Continuous Workforce Development: Implementing initiatives to address workforce challenges and ensure the availability of skilled labour to support the mining industry needs.
  • Attract & Expand Businesses: Utilize gap analysis findings to actively assist businesses seeking to relocate or expand in Thunder Bay and facilitate the expansion of existing businesses to meet mining and exploration demands.
  • Promote Thunder Bay’s role in the mining industry globally: CEDC boosts awareness through events like the Thunder Bay Mining Link hosted at PDAC, Minexpo participation, sponsorships, and showcases, enhancing Thunder Bay’s prominence.

The launch of the Mining Service & Supply Directory and the updated mining sector information underscores the CEDC’s ongoing commitment to supporting the growth and prosperity of the mining industry in Northwestern Ontario.

For more information or to access the Mining Service & Supply Directory, please visit



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