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We must demand greater accountability from police – The Hill Times

April 15, 2024

If MPs felt the same fear that Indigenous peoples do when they see an RCMP officer, maybe—just maybe—we’d see some urgency.

OTTAWA—This is your regular six-month public service announcement that the RCMP lacks accountability.

The Yellowknife Women’s Society in the Northwest Territories released its report on the RCMP’s treatment of homeless Indigenous women on April 11, titled Over-policed & under-protected: Recommendations to improve the relationship between unhoused Indigenous women and the RCMP in Yellowknife.

Virtually every single Indigenous woman interviewed had either experienced racism and/or physical abuse at the hands of the RCMP, or knew somebody who did: “One of the most prevalent and consistent themes from the conversations was being dehumanized: being met with apathy and indifference from police because of being Indigenous and unhoused. Participants felt that they are seen as ‘less than’ non-Indigenous Yellowknife residents. This bias translates into their problems being taken less seriously, their experiences being treated as less credible, and their bodies being treated with less care.”

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