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William Watson: Bans are for socialists. Tories live and let live – Financial Post

Dec 19, 2023

In 1942, you could see the government taking over the car industry and telling it what to produce. But in peacetime in 2023 that’s crazy

If you’ve been following British politics, the parallels with politics here are striking. A government down in the polls and widely perceived as exhausted. Anguish about wait lists for health services, including overloaded emergency wards. Immigration seemingly out of control.

We did manage to shut down Roxham Road but the Brits’ plan to send English Channel boat people to Rwanda ran into problems with the European Commission for Human Rights — not because Rwanda is necessarily an unattractive destination but for fear its government might send refugees back to their home countries. Even so, both Canada and the United Kingdom have let in around a million people a year in the last while, though on a base of 67 million in the U.K. versus 40 million here.

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