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Call for tenders: First Nations Educational Program

1. Purpose

In keeping with the mission, directions, values and general policies of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC), this call for tenders aims to secure the services of a consultant specializing in the drafting of educational documents with the objective of developing the educational program intended for First Nations children aged 0 to 5 years.

2. About the FNQLHSSC

The FNQLHSSC has been defending the interests of the First Nations in Quebec since 1994. Acting as a technical advisor and consultant, the FNQLHSSC’s mission is to accompany Quebec First Nations in achieving their health, wellness, culture and self-determination goals.

In 2015, the FNQLHSSC and the Ministère de la Famille reached an agreement on the delegation of certain powers regarding child and family services for childcare centres, day care centres and home childcare services located in First Nations communities in Quebec. 1 As part of this agreement, the FNQLHSSC’s role is to ensure, in collaboration with the communities, the quality of the services offered. It also provides increased support and technical support adapted to the characteristics of the communities and childcare services.

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3. Contextualization

This project aims to assist early childhood education workers to support the transmission of knowledge to children. In 2015, after the signing of the agreement between the FNQLHSSC and the Ministère de la Famille, the member childcare centres and childcare services called for an educational model designed by and for First Nations. This model must be consistent with the Declaration of the Rights of First Nations Children, which was signed by the Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations Quebec-Labrador (AFNQL) in 2016, and with the AFNQL’s news release published on February 6, 2019, which “[ …] recognizes the right to transmit our languages from one generation to the next. […] All efforts will be made to ensure that the measures to revitalize, recover and maintain our languages through community and school programs are respectful of the cultural identity of First Nations in Quebec- Labrador.” The Ministère de la Famille aspires to educational success, a way forward that First Nations wish to offer their children, while meeting their cultural needs which require the transmission of traditional knowledge, languages and cultures.

4. Mandate

The mandate consists of ideally writing in English (if not, in French) the educational program in order to provide the various stakeholders in First Nations communities with an educational guide in early childhood education. Thanks to this support, the FNQLHSSC will be able to strengthen the capacities of First Nations in terms of the creation and implementation of support practices for children and parents of children aged 0 to 5 years in the transmission of knowledge. To this end, the tenderer will have access to the scientific literature review relating to education conducted by the FNQLHSSC. Reading notes will also be available to the tenderer in addition to other references. The preferred philosophies are the nature approach and developmental approach of Dr. Neufeld. An exhaustive bibliography can also be provided on request.

More specifically, the tenderer is expected to make use of their expertise and services to carry out the following activities:

  1. An educational program consisting of 200 pages (approximately), grouped into three themes: education for life, education for society and education for territories and the environment.
  2. Educational material containing observation grids, frameworks, intervention and planning tools and other relevant tools intended for those who work in the field of early childhood.
  3. Proposals for early stimulation and learning activities respecting the values and cultures of First Nations adapted to the analytical framework governing the educational program.
  4. Mandate duration

The mandate will begin as soon as possible and will take place over a period of four (4) months (end scheduled for December 31, 2021). The final activities and deadlines will be determined when the contract is signed and based on the proposal submitted by the consultant following a meeting with representatives of the FNQLHSSC.

6. Requirements

  • A university degree in the field of social science, particularly in education, psychology, sociology or another related field.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English and good knowledge of spoken and written French.
  • A sustained interest in early childhood and First Nations.
  • Working with the First Nations Education Council and the directors of childcare services in order to align the educational program with the target clientele.
  • Working in collaboration with other writers and/or specialists, as needed.

7. Instructions to the tenderer

The interested tenderer must first express their interest and availability for the mandate by submitting a brief proposal (two pages maximum), in which they must present the reasons for which they can carry out the mandate and a draft project in which the specific components of the educational program are presented. In their proposal, the tenderer must also state their fees and the services they can offer. In addition, a detailed timetable must be proposed. The tenderer may also append any information deemed relevant, such as projects carried out in relation to this requested work, work experiences, etc.

The FNQLHSSC will evaluate the proposals and communicate with the selected tenders for the holding of a preliminary in- person meeting in order to discuss the process and the proposals in greater detail. Note that this meeting must take place before the end of August 2021. This will allow the FNQLHSSC to select the consultant who will demonstrate their ability to carry out the mandate and meet the related challenges.

8. Criteria and evaluation grid

The FNQLHSSC will retain the best proposal evaluated according to the following criteria:

Elements Evaluation based on:
Costs Budget and cost of carrying out the mandate
according to the ability to pay
Planned spending is clearly described
Adequacy of the service offer based on the
Understanding of the mandate call for tenders
Identification of the consultant or the
organization and its environment
Understanding of the mandate and needs
Skills and experience of the References
Previous work
Knowledge of the program or project
Action plan in line with the project objectives
Methodology Validity and pragmatism of the approach,
methodology and means proposed
Production of a realistic schedule of activities
Overall assessment Quality of presentation
Overall assessment of the service offer

The evaluation and selection will be carried out by an internal evaluation committee made up of staff members of the FNQLHSSC.

9. Exclusive right of the FNQLHSSC

The FNQLHSSC reserves the exclusive right to retain one or none of the proposals received. In addition, priority will be given to First Nations tenderers. The tenderer acknowledges and accepts that the final product will exclusively belong to the FNQLHSSC and that they therefore transfer all intellectual property rights to the FNQLHSSC.

10. Information and proposal forwarding

For further information, please contact Suzie Perron, Early Childhood Program and Policy Advisor, at 418 842-1540, ext. 2606, or at

Tenders and all relevant documents must be sent by email to Suzie Perron no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

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