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Driftpile Cree Nation affirms its inherent jurisdiction, passes Consultation & Accommodation Laws

Press Release

EDMONTON, AB, June 21, 2023 – Driftpile Cree Nation (“Driftpile”) is pleased to announce that the Chief and Council have unanimously agreed to enact the Consultation & Accommodation Laws (“Laws”). The Laws reflect Driftpile’s inherent jurisdiction to meaningfully influence development priorities and other decisions that affect Driftpile territory, which includes all of Treaty No. 8 territory.

Driftpile will no longer tolerate exclusionary decision-making and unilateral infringements to its inherent jurisdiction and Aboriginal and treaty rights. The Laws now bind the Crown and industry and reflect Driftpile’s expectation that it will be engaged in collaborative decision-making processes and agreements for all natural resources projects that have the potential to impact Driftpile’s inherent jurisdiction and Aboriginal and treaty rights.

In keeping with Driftpile’s inherent jurisdiction, the Laws seek to facilitate critical “economic reconciliation”, address the impacts of cumulative effects on Driftpile rights and interests, and reflect the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, including the principles of free, prior, and informed consent and joint decision-making.

After Chief and Council’s enactment of the Laws, Chief Dwayne Laboucan provided the following statement:

Today is an important day for Mihtatakaw Sipiy (Driftpile Cree Nation). June 21, 2023 marks National Indigenous Peoples Day. It also marks the passing of Driftpile’s Consultation & Accommodation Laws, which is the result of extensive engagement with the objective of creating a framework that reflects Driftpile’s priorities. As an Indigenous nation and government with inherent jurisdiction over our territory, we have passed our own laws to govern how the Crown and industry will be allowed to move forward with any work that impacts our territory.

Our current and past generations have experienced the “death of a thousand cuts” that has diminished our way of life and connection with the land. We are now at a turning point in our history, where we are being called upon to safeguard what remains of our territory and to approach development in a sustainable way. It is time to begin working together to turn back the clock and ensure that Driftpile’s rights and interests are respected in accordance with Driftpile ways. Our Laws mark the beginning of this new path forward.

Driftpile will soon be in contact with the Crown and the Nation’s key industry partners with further information on the Laws.

For further information on the Laws, please contact:

Karl Giroux
Consultation Director

For further information: For media inquiries, please contact: Dwayne Laboucan, Chief, 780-523-1088,



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