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LlamaZOO Announces Clarity DT Beta and Apple Vision Pro Support

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Today we’re announcing the beta release of our digital twin editing software, Clarity Digital Twin (ClarityDT), which creates immersive, real-time replicas of physical assets. The software utilizes advanced computing technologies from Nvidia and can be experienced on desktops, tablets, VR headsets, and soon, Apple Vision Pro. By analyzing data from various sources, including satellite imaging and physical mapping, organizations can create 3D replicas of assets like manufacturing facilities, entire geographies, mines, and much more, to streamline operations. The ClarityDT beta program allows users to start working within their digital twin using mixed reality in a matter of days. Companies like Acuity Brands, Latecoere, and FPInnovations are already leveraging the software. Industrial enterprises can register for the ClarityDT beta program now to be one of the first to explore their data on Apple’s new spatial computer.

“Pairing LlamaZOO’s new ClarityDT technology with Nvidia and the Apple Vision Pro headset creates an incredibly powerful visualization tool that transcends language and simplifies subject matter and domain specific knowledge – its impact is beyond compare,” said Charles Lavigne, CEO of LlamaZOO. “Integrating this spatial technology breaks down barriers, accelerating business decisions by providing real-time shared experiences and understanding of data.”

we’ve seen considerable advances in LlamaZOO’s ClarityDT solution and experienced its growth in a variety of use-cases

Laura Petrescue, Director, Engineering & Quality, Latecoere Aerostructures Canada

Traditional pen-and-paper methods dominate around 70% of industrial processes, leading to errors, misinterpretation, and inefficiencies. Moreover, conventional data analysis tools often struggle to handle spatial data, hindering effective decision-making. By harnessing ClarityDT, businesses and industries can now revolutionize their data visualization, management, and collaboration. For example:

  • Intelligent spaces. ClarityDT provides a data visualization layer to industrial technology companies like Acuity Brands. The software can unlock operational efficiencies for Acuity’s customers by connecting Atrius® DataLab, the company’s open data source platform that enables building management at scale, to improve location awareness and building insights monitoring.
  • Streamlining production lines in manufacturing. ClarityDT can create a digital twin of a physical production facility, enabling real-time data collection and physics-based simulations for faster problem detection and improved business intelligence. A collaboration between ClarityDT and Latecoere Aerostructures Canada in the Learning Factory Digital Twin project digitized industrial production lines for aircraft parts, driving digital tools for spatial planning and asset tracking.
  • Ecological disaster management. Forest fires and flooding incidents are increasing around the world. ClarityDT can visualize digital twins of high-risk areas with integrated real-time data to support mitigation and prevention efforts. Governments and other sectors can leverage the software in real-time to better understand the extent of damage, anticipate future risks, and develop prevention plans and solutions.
  • Land & project planning. Apple Vision Pro provides the common framework for ClarityDT’s immersive and collaborative software that enables stakeholders across geographies to work together. The use of an up-to-date digital twin in land and project planning saves time by reducing site visits, facilitates informed decision making, and creates efficiencies not possible with traditional methods.
  • Indigenous land tenure & management. ClarityDT will accelerate progress already made in land use strategy and planning between First Nations and industry. Using their digital twin, First Nations will be able to better visualize and immerse themselves in their land to collaborate and facilitate land use consultation processes through interactive engagement.

We see great potential and applications in using digital twining and spatial visualization in supporting the forest sector in land use planning,

Christoph Schilling, Manager of Business Development & Forestry, FPInnovations

Applications to participate in the ClarityDT beta program are now open for early access to industrial and land based resource operators who want to experience the innovative features and capabilities of the Clarity Digital Twin platform. The ClarityDT platform will be available globally in the first quarter of 2024, coinciding with the release of the Apple Vision Pro headset. To learn more and register for the program, visit LlamaZOO’s website at

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