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Telefilm Canada invests $14.1 million in 26 low-budget projects in the English market

Press Release

June 26, 2024

Telefilm Canada is announcing its investment of $14.1 million in 26 feature film projects in the English market under the Production Program in the low budget stream (including international coproductions).


Director and screenwriter: Jackie Torrens
Production: Peep Media Inc.
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English

Blueberry Picking
Director and screenwriter: Sherry White
Production: Oversherry Productions Ltd.
Province: Newfoundland and Labrador
Language: English

The Shuttle
Director and screenwriter: Winston DeGiobbi
Production: Brass Door Productions Inc.
Province: Nova Scotia
Language: English


Donde Comienza el Río (Where the River Begins)
Director and screenwriter: Juan Andrés Arango
Production: Midi La Nuit Inc. and Inercia Películas
Languages: Spanish (Colombian) and Emberá, Indigenous dialect
*Majority Coproduction Canada/Colombia

Moving Day
Directors: Caitlyn Sponheimer, Tamara Scherbak, Carol Nguyen, Kaye Adelaide, Jill Carter and Kim Barr
Screenwriters: Diane Janna, Tamara Scherbak, M.J. Kang, Kathy-Ann Thomas, Deydra Baptiste, Katrina Bertrand and Alex Feldman
Production: Cotton Bush Productions Inc.
Languages:  English and French

Red Acres
Directors and screenwriters: Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer
Production: Slykid Inc.
Language: English


Director and screenwriter: Steven Kostanski
Production: Hangar 18 Media Inc.
Language: English

Director: Casey Walker
Screenwriters: Adrian Murray and Marcus Sullivan
Production: Cave Painting Pictures Inc.
Language: English

I Come Home
Director: Glen Wood
Screenwriter: Andreas Vatiliotou
Production: Viddywell Films Inc.
Language: English

Lunar Sway
Director and screenwriter: Nicholas Butler
Production: Cloudy Falls Pictures Inc.
Language: English

Director: Ron Dias
Screenwriters: Joanne Jansen and Ron Dias
Production: Augusta Avenue Productions Inc.
Language: English

Director: Lula Ali Ismail
Screenwriter: Hassan Ghedi Santur
Production: Good Question Media Inc.
Languages: English and Somali

Pocket Mirror
Director and screenwriter: Adrian Murray
Production: Ravenea Pictures Inc. and Silent Tower Inc.
Language: English

The Temple
Directors and screenwriters: Calvin Thomas and Yonah Lewis
Production: Babe Nation Creations Inc. and Lisa Pictures Ltd.
Language: English

They Echo
Director and screenwriter: Lu Asfaha
Production: Snail Mail Media Inc. and Defar Media Inc.
Languages: English and Swahili

Director and screenwriter: Ed Gass-Donnelly
Production: 3 Legged Dog Films Ltd.
Language: English

Western Region

Grand Prairie
Director: Evan Prosofsky
Screenwriters: Evan Prosofsky and Chandra Melting Tallow
Production: Grand Prairie Film Inc.
Province: Alberta
Languages: English, Blackfoot (Siksika First Nation) and Carinthian German (Hutterite Colony)

Hair of the Bear
Directors and screenwriters: Alexandre Trudeau and James McLellan
Production: Hair of The Bear Films Inc. and HOTB Quebec Productions Inc.
Provinces: Manitoba and Quebec
Languages: English and French

One Perfect Date
Director and screenwriter: Lucas Frison
Production: Prairie Cat Productions Inc. and Megafun Productions Inc.
Provinces: Saskatchewan and Quebec
Language: English

Split Rock
Director and screenwriter: Ryan Glover
Production: Prowler Pictures Inc., Low End Inc. and Observer Effect Productions Inc.
Provinces: Saskatchewan and Ontario
Language: English

Stranger in Town
Director: Melanie Oates
Screenwriter: Patrick Whistler
Production: Goodbye Productions Inc.
Province: British Columbia
Language: English

The Bryce Lee Story
Director: Arnold Lim
Screenwriters: Connor Gaston, Arnold Lim and Kyle D’Odorico
Production: Blue Lake Films Ltd.
Province: British Columbia
Languages: English and Chinese – Cantonese

Minority Coproductions

Director and screenwriter: Lara Zeidan
Production: Couronne Nord Inc. and Sevana Films
Province: Quebec
Languages: Arabic, English and French
*Minority Coproduction Canada/France

Director: Theodore Ushev
Screenwriter: Chris Robinson
Production: 9468-2713 Québec Inc. and PREMIER STUDIO
Province: Quebec
Language: English
*Minority Coproduction Canada/Bulgaria

Director and screenwriter: Aboozar Amini
Production: Greenground Productions Inc. and Silkroad Film Salon
Province: Quebec
Language: Persian
*Minority Coproduction Canada/Netherlands

Terra (Khak)
Director: Raha Shirazi
Screenwriters: Giovanna Giuliani and Raha Shirazi
Production: Borrowed Light Films Inc., Aeternam Films and Doppio Nodo Double Bind
Province: Ontario
Language: English

Telefilm received an increasingly high volume of applications under the Production Program this year. In this first intake, 187 projects were assessed in the low budget stream including international coproductions, representing over $106 million in funding requests.

More funding decisions, including projects from the low budget Indigenous Stream will be announced in the coming weeks. Statistics on all films funded in the year will be released once all funding decisions have been made.

An advisory committee of external and internal representatives assessed the projects and made recommendations to Telefilm. The decision-making process considered Telefilm’s goal of fostering a diversity of voices in the industry, ensuring that Telefilm funds a balanced portfolio of productions that reflect a variety of genres, budgets and company sizes, regions of the country and points of view. Names of selection committee members will be published on the Project Financing Advisory Committees webpage once all funding decisions have been made.


Joyce Richards
Advisor, Public Relations
Telefilm Canada



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